My Philosophy

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The wedding is for me a true celebration of love and friendship, and my goal is to transcribe through my reportage the alchemy of the moment, that in 6 months or in 10 years you relive your day with the same intensity by looking at the photographs of your wedding.

No matter your religion, your origins, whether you are 20 or 60 years old, for me the most important thing is that you are in love.

This love you show each other every day, in your own way, maybe shyly or boldly, and in my search for authenticity my goal is to capture this essence that characterizes you, giving you the minimum advice so that you are both comfortable in my presence, without being directive.

For me a wedding reportage is not only a couple, it is also a family and friends who came to celebrate a union. And these moments all together are as important for you as for me in the report of your day.
For this reason I attach a lot of importance to be present from the beginning of your day in order to have time to get to know the people who are close to you and thus better integrate myself for the rest of the day.

I like when there is life in my photos, that my bride and groom are at their wedding as in life.

I look for the natural, the spontaneous, the authentic.

This is my vision of wedding.

About me

So you are here and you want to know more about me? OK let’s go !

My name is Maxime Décarsin, and I am a photographer, for weddings and companies.

Since my first punk rock band I quickly realized that office life was not for me and that I should choose a path that would allow me to fully express my creative side.

In retrospect, the fact that I became a photographer is probably not due to chance, but rather to this will to create.
Apart from music and photography, another art form fascinates me enormously: cinema, the one with a capital C.
I discovered it during my studies in audiovisual. It is my first source of inspiration. The choice of an angle of view, the management of the light, the framing, the composition… I draw my ideas from all these films which marked me and which resonate in me in order to propose you creative photographs and of character.

I take great pleasure in my work because I see photography as a real human experience and each report is for me the opportunity to enrich myself with what others have to offer.

In my way of working I remain simple but effective, and I always apply myself to realize images which have sense and which retranscribe in an authentic way a personality, a moment, a message.

For me photography is not just a simple service; it is above all an exchange, a meeting.

If my presentation has made you want to meet me, I will be delighted to meet you.

– Maxime –

Maxime Decarsin | Photographe | Lille Cambrai Nord | France & étranger